Gates on Gates

by Donny Dinero

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Recorded during the winter & spring of 2014 at the Gates Motel in Brooklyn New York.


released June 12, 2014

Donny Dinero: singing, guitar, piano, harmonica, bass
Mickey Doolittle: piano, organ, keyboard, singing
William Lawrence: drums
Brendan Smith: bass
Chris May: pedal steel
Yazan Fahmawi: guitar and spiritual guide

All Songs written by Donny Dinero 2014 DONNY DINERO MUSIC (BMI)

Engineered, produced and mixed by Donny Dinero

Cover designed and embroidered by Meredith Goldstein
Liner notes designed and painted by Nancy Villalobos

Huge thanks to the Gates Family for always having my back, Meredith and Nancy for being badass, Superman, Sasha and Trevor for their relentless support and everyone else who has helped me ride the wave.




all rights reserved


Donny Dinero Bangall, New York

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Track Name: Thought You Were a Woman
I'm Gonna do all the things that we wanted to do
Gonna be out west on the last day of june
I'll find a place where you won't see me, I'm starting to think that you set me free
I'm gonna do all the things that we were going to do.

I just want to remember those big brown eyes
the way they looked everyday they cried
Cos I want you to feel the pain i"m in to see you around this town again
Those big brown eyes and everyday they cried.

I don't want to see your pretty face no more
but it's there everywhere every time I open a door
I'm gonna get out quick and won't be back, then maybe you'll see just what you had
I don't want to see your pretty face no more.

You got your black laced and panties and red lip stick on
every little thing you know that gets me hard
your shaking your ass in those tight blue jeans, come here baby you know what I mean
you got your black laced panties and your red lip stick on.

I thought you were a woman but you are just a girl
everything you want just falls off your curls
why don't you find yourself a nice rich man, he won't treat you the way that I can
I though you were a woman but you are just a girl.
Track Name: When Will You Love Me Again?
I received your letter yesterday, it came from Venezuela
It said that you missed those warm and lazy day
living in California.
Said that you'd be coming home, back to where you were born
It said you'd love me for a week or more
that's a week I cannot afford

What kind of love comes then goes?
A longing-ness that nobody knows
You say this is not the end
So when will you love me again?

Just when I thought I had you tonight, you just want to kiss me goodbye
I see those tears hold in you fine
I know that I'll miss those lies.
Why you leave me I do not understand, every night now feels so alone
Can I really let you slip through my hands?
Can you leave me that way alone?

What kind of heart opens then folds
a beautiful womans that I seem to know
I'll stay here and just pretend
so when will you love me again?