Telescoping Marz

by Donny Dinero

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recorded on the best beach day ever. didn't make it out there though, maybe tomorrow.
dedicated to all the people that did.

6/20/2012 at Gates Motel



i am no the one to put you out of your place.
you sing those songs about open caves-
you know that sad shit caught my ears

another new england wasted light-
its shines, i see it from the basement
with your black hair that looks so rude-
you know it never comes back to you

we all know you're the populous kind,
buying rounds of drink with dimes.
i never said i wanted one-
so i poured it all over the floor.

this suitcase looks like a bad friend, who never gets done anything.
never gets the right end of any situation-
what a bad friend i have been.

we were telescoping down mars,
throwing paper airplanes on the parking lot
until those cop cars showed up they were tired from the night before-
trying to catch us and our friends.

summer's here and everything seems so fucked up.
the postalman mailed my postcard,
of a baseketball and a jersey-
so you can have fun out on your own.


released June 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Donny Dinero Bangall, New York

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